New York Short Film Festival

New York's largest festival for short films

Winners of Festival 2016

2016 Winners

Here are the winners of the 2016 New York Short Film Festival

Best Short Film — Mariana’s Sandwich by Carlos Cuarón
Best Experimental Short Film — 600 Space Aliens by Scott Bateman
Best Short Documentary — On Pointe by Joy Jihyun Jeong
Best Animated Short — Jonnie in the Lake by Frances Barth
Best Short Short Film — To Another Self by Kimberly Ho
Best Sci-Fi Short Film — Cradle by David Holechek
Best Horror Short Film — Tradition by Sultan al Saud
Best Music Video — Celebration of Nothing by Courtney Loo
Festival Director’s Award for Best Film — Beautiful Dreamer by David Gaddie

The 2016 New York Short Film Festival ran at the Cinema Village in Manhattan, Nov 4-10.

Celebrate the very best of international short filmmaking with us at the New York Short Film Festival. The Festival is a week of screenings in Manhattan’s vibrant Greenwich Village, providing ample opportunities for short filmmakers to showcase their achievements, learn from fellow filmmakers, and build contacts for future collaborations.

Here is the screening schedule for the 2016 NYSFF

Tickets can be purchased from the Cinema Village website
(Tickets are sold per Block and collected at the cinema – please select the appropriate date and time on the left under the page banner when purchasing tickets)

Block 1: Friday Nov 4 at 6pm (75 minutes)
Abortion Road Trip! by Katie Goodman & Soren Kisiel
Ali: Icon, Activist, Fighter by Bobby Cassidy
Brendan Gallagher: Always a General by Bobby Cassidy
Special Muscles by Annamarya Scaccia

Block 2: Friday Nov 4 at 7:30pm (75 minutes)
Hush: The rhythm of a hometown chef by Jeffrey Basinger
Rosalyn Engelman: The Color of Memory by Paul Lewis
Sea Squirts by Diane D Orr
Vinny the Dentist by Bobby Cassidy
Wolffland by Laura Checkoway

Block 3: Friday Nov 4 at 9pm (75 minutes)
Mission by Enrico Ventrice
Singh by Simon Mendes
Winged Painter by Sanchez 2winz
Sharing The Stoke by Kevin Lopez
On Pointe by Joy Jihyun Jeong

Block 4: Saturday Nov 5 at 6pm (75 minutes)
Carry On By Pearl Thomas and Nick Clark with Cheer Films, Inc.
Impossible Choice: The Play Within by Ronald Marquisee
Off the Rails by Alessandro Girolami
To Another Self by Kimberly Ho
Exit Interview by Hae Jun Jeon
Elephants by Emily Kalish

Block 5: Saturday Nov 5 at 7:30pm (75 minutes)
Fickle Bickle by Stephen Ward
A Blank by Ran Miyako
Walk Away by Jared Biunno
Younglings by Stuart Baker
Cradle by David Holechek
The Last Chapter by Romina Carrisi Power
War by Ellen Evjen

Block 6: Saturday Nov 5 at 9pm (75 minutes)
Delivering by Alexandra Hsie
Home Invasion for the Holidays by Teddy Robinson
The Curse of Don Scarducci by Chris Fondulas
Dropped Bars by Marcus Lorenzo & Josh Fleury
The Owls by Natalia Bougadellis
Ghost Ride by Kevin Smyth
Angelo & Ert by Jon Kushner

Block 7: Sunday Nov 6 at 6pm (75 minutes)
Noir by Andrew Froening
Standards & Practices by Ellena Chmielewski
Window Dressing by Stephen Girouard
Kendra Morris – Woman by Joe Lumbroso

Block 8: Sunday Nov 6 at 7:30pm (75 minutes)
Happy Here in New York by Rodrigo Baumgartner ayres
Slapdash Vendetta by Joseph Rocco Plescia
Family, Inc. by William Meade
Dreamer by Ge Lu
Now by Paul Kelly

Block 9: Sunday Nov 6 at 9pm (75 minutes)
Guy Time by Scott Danzig
The Essay From Hell by Maxwell Seiler
Mr. Razi by Georges Saad
The Push by Will Joines
The Catalyst by Alan Fine
How Far by The Real Sisters

Block 10: Monday Nov 7 at 6pm (75 minutes)
Attempt to Rise by John D Hay
Making Friends by Chelsea Dallas Falato
Mariana’s Sandwich by Carlos Cuarón
The King by Frederic Casella
For Marta by Ryan Guiterman

Block 11: Monday Nov 7 at 7:30pm (75 minutes)
Nothing Happened by Ted Schneider & Tony Parent
Snuggle Buddies by Jose Restrepo
Stalling by Taryn Brooke
Marie by Kristia Coombs
One last dance by Luke Losey

Block 12: Monday Nov 7 at 9pm (75 minutes)
600 Space Aliens by Scott Bateman
Downtown Shadows by Armand Ruhlman
Jonnie In The Lake by Frances Barth
Plena Stellarum by Matthew Wade
Friday Morning by Nikita Merrin
Samba #2 by Rosane Chamecki & Andrea lerner
The Offensive by Ian Neisser

Block 13: Tuesday Nov 8 at 6pm (75 minutes)
Siren by Melissa Bank
MAGOS: An Impossible Door by Juan Castaneda
3 to 5 Business Days by Orges Bakalli
Abortion Party by Janice Erlbaum
She Grinds Her Own Coffee by Michelle Bossy

Block 14: Tuesday Nov 8 at 7:30pm (75 minutes)
An Ideal Marriage by Ted Sharks
CIT by Cara Consilvio
The Cunnilingus King by Jayce Bartok
Damaged Goods by Emily Niland
Westbound by James Curry

Block 15: Tuesday Nov 8 at 9pm (75 minutes)
Turn Blue by Arsal Asal
Lucky Motel Six by Lauren Muller
Celebration of Nothing by Courtney Loo
Leash by Jen Derwingson

Block 16: Wednesday Nov 9 at 6pm (75 minutes)
Astraea by Ricardo Jackson
Gene by Josh Akin
Hungry by Thomas Simon
MOS by Scott Brown
Home by Jeremiah Kipp

Block 17: Wednesday Nov 9 at 7:30pm (75 minutes)
Jef Needs Ice Cream by Dave Conte
Beautiful Dreamer by David Gaddie
The Audition by Thomas Mendolia
Upper West Side Story by Leon Chase
Breakfast by Tyler Byrnes

Block 18: Wednesday Nov 9 at 9pm (75 minutes)
As Life Shifts by Daniel Gras Pujalt
The Suit by Dave Conte
The Other Side Of Love by Tyrell Jason
Love When It Rains by Cooper Smithers, Nicholas Hossan & James Fitch
Morning After by Jamie Maule-ffinch
What Came After by Tonya Pinkins
Falling Bébé by Wang Yang Zhen
Kinda Blue by Eunkyung Ko

Block 19: Thursday Nov 10 at 6pm (75 minutes)
Fishing for Science: Giant Trevally by Gaelin Rosenwaks
A life Before This by Steffie van Rhee
Rats by Taeko Itabashi
The Boxer by Craig Cutler

Block 20: Thursday Nov 10 at 7:30pm (75 minutes)
The Offensive by Ian Neisser
Cheryl & Denise by Johanny Mota
Waiting For Monique Harlowe by Stacey Haid
The Derelict by Aakshay Parab
The Forever Woods by John Jamilkowski

Block 21: Thursday Nov 10 at 9pm (75 minutes)
Tradition by Sultan Al Saud
Vinyl Underground by Nick Ronan & Carlos Ibarra
Loose Threads by Shal Ngo
Boundaries by Brad Rego
Night Terrors by Aiden Devaney
Chateau Sauvignon: terroir by David E. Munz-Maire