New York Short Film Festival

New York's largest festival for short films

Winners 2017

2017 Winners

Here are the winners of the 2017 New York Short Film Festival

Best Short Film — No Monsters in Berlin by Kate Holland
Best Experimental Short Film — Hurt by Moema Umann
Best Short Documentary — Sunnyside by Bobby Cassidy
Best Animated Short — Seen Again by Peter Murphey
Best Sci-Fi Short Film — Windows by Maru Buendia-Senties
Best Horror Short Film — Beneath by Lindsay Serrano
Best Music Video — Your Thirty Second Birthday by Phil Engsberg
Festival Director’s Award for Best Film — Crescent by Elly Han

The 2017 New York Short Film Festival ran at the Cinema Village in Manhattan, Nov 3-9.

Celebrate the very best of international short filmmaking with us at the New York Short Film Festival. The Festival is a week of screenings in Manhattan’s vibrant Greenwich Village, providing ample opportunities for short filmmakers to showcase their achievements, learn from fellow filmmakers, and build contacts for future collaborations.

Here is the screening schedule for the 2017 NYSFF

Tickets are available from the Cinema Village website
(Tickets are sold per Block and collected at the cinema – please select the appropriate date and time on the left under the page banner when purchasing tickets)

Block 1: Friday Nov 3 at 6:30pm (75 minutes)
Cyclone: 90 Years Of History On Wheels by Frank Posillico
Danceforce40+ by Malene Schjoenning
Life & Sand by Simon Mendes
Sound Is Half The Picture by Dede Maitre
Sunnyside by Bobby Cassidy
Loss by Jayne Nicoletti

Block 2: Friday Nov 3 at 8pm (75 minutes)
Another After Hours by Jim Lively
Bardo: by Derek Cote
Group Therapy (For _____) by Bradly Dever Treadaway
In Traverse by Daniel Yankiver, Danielle Kipnis & Katie Wiegman
Kisses by Ron Dubren
Man Man by Matthew Dipple
Carbs by Taryn Brooke
Troubled Waters by Peter Meng
How I Cheated My Girl On Her Birthday (and Almost Got Away With It) by Neem Basha

Block 3: Friday Nov 3 at 9:30pm (75 minutes)
Jake & Julia by Cj Colando
Jay & Eytan – ‘Night Light’ by Eytan Millstone & Jay Wells L’Ecuyer
Marz by Bobby Yan
Nothing by Nicholas Kennedy
Game Time by Chris Armienti

Special event: “How to Get your Feature Film Made” with Rob Margolies
Saturday Nov 4 at 4:30pm
60 minute lecture followed by 30 minute Q&A
Free with purchase to any screening at the festival

Block 4: Saturday Nov 4 at 6:30pm  (75 minutes)
A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud. by Karen Allen
Addicted by Michael Scarnati
August In The City by Christie Conochalla
I Hate When It Gets Dark So Early by Edward Pomerantz

Block 5: Saturday Nov 4 at 8pm  (75 minutes)
Psytrix by Rohin Katthula
Hot Seat by Natalia Curea
Obits by Neil Fennell
Pee Sitting Down by Misha Calvert
Take A Hike! by Zhenya Kiperman
The Principal’s Office by Brendan Day
Toute La Vie by Ella Mische

Block 6: Saturday Nov 4 at 9:45pm  (75 minutes)
Back Page Ripper by Stephen Rutterford
Beneath by Lindsay Serrano
Happy Birthday, Brenda by Rory Douglas Abel
Let It Die by Matthew Forte
Seventeen by Joey Stamp
The Son, The Father… by Lukas Hassel

Block 7: Sunday Nov 5 at 6:30pm  (75 minutes)
Windows by Maru Buendia-Senties
Sandbox by Eddie Lebron
Ghostlight by Richard Mazda
No Monsters In Berlin by Kate Holland

Block 8: Sunday Nov 5 at 8pm  (75 minutes)
20 Grand by Tatyana Rodina
Fists Of A Nation by Daniel Ramirez & Gustavo Valdes
Losing Color by Danielle Ring
Salsa Man by John C Hammond
Seen Again by Peter Murphey
Remember Me by Cecily Mihok-Trenka
Hurt by Moema Umann (plus Q&A with director)

Block 9: Sunday Nov 5 at 9:30pm  (75 minutes)
Elevated Thinking by Maggie Politi & Spiro Marcos
Second Contact by Brian Ernst
Professional Cuddler by Mika Orr
Hell Of A New Year by Edgar Jimz
Dream Giant by Ian Vega, Hector Bosquez
Sunday in the park with doG by Robert Rosenbaum
Lillies In The Forest by Brian O’neill
Lyla by Graham Patterson

Block 10: Monday Nov 6 at 6:30pm  (75 minutes)
Elizabeth In The Park by Jeremiah Mcvay
116 by Julia Campanelli
Cross Training by Eden Martinez
The Cartographer by Renee Stork
Ergophobia by Jai Brandon
Josie Grossy by Christopher Charles Baker

Block 11: Monday Nov 6 at 8pm  (75 minutes)
Czardashian Rhapsody by Lara St. John
Alchemy by Brandon Polanco
Big Shot by Bob Pusateri
Now Boarding 2 by Dr. Teresa Mular
Workplace Woes: Scavengers Among Us by Michael Pizzano
The Real Thing by Brandon Kelley

Block 12: Monday Nov 6 at 9:30pm  (75 minutes)
Human Cannonball by Austin Elston
As She Goes by Audrey Kurtz
ASMR by Tarik Malak & Timothy Douglas (TnT)
Sometimes by Kate Sterlin
High Deny by Miguel Garzón Martínez
A La Memoire De Lune by Johnny Zito
Aaron by Aviva Neuman
ISA by Matthew Abad

Block 13: Tuesday Nov 7 at 6:30pm (75 minutes)
Cosmopoly by R. Alessandro Turchioe
Pskypeotherapy by Philip Saul Galinsky
Razor by James Jenkins
Song Of Spring by Linda Beers
The Other Place by Nick Sakai
The Third Wheel by Johanny Mota

Block 14: Tuesday Nov 7 at 8pm (75 minutes)
Oompa by Kingnyne
Early Mourning by Ben Hartley
Your Thirty Second Birthday by Phil Engsberg
Rivers by Graciela Cassel
Getting Over by Michele Lyman
Step Into The Light by Jeffrey Basinger
Near Change by André Sogliuzzo

Block 15: Tuesday Nov 7 at 9:30 (75 minutes)
Limits by Aitor Mendilibar
Nomadic by Akram Shibly
My Name Is Somebody by Orges Bakalli
H by Kelly Stoker
The Cycle by Benjamin Zhang, Dewi Tan

Block 16: Wednesday Nov 8 at 6:30pm (75 minutes)
Fueling Fierce: The Shannon Heil Story by Christian De Rezendes
Water Warriors by Michael Premo
Unwelcome by Ida Theresa Myklebost (with Q&A)

Block 17: Wednesday Nov 8 at 8pm (75 minutes)
Face by Masa Gibson
Jimbo by Ben Someck
No Free Walls by Rafael Moses
Out by Amanda Alvich

Block 18: Wednesday Nov 8 at 9:30pm (75 minutes)
The Milliner by Meagan Cignoli
Ghosts Of New York by Brad Robinson
En Route by Pamela Harris
Lesson #6 by Alberto Ferreras
First Impressions by Nick Grau
Haute Flash by Marne Lucas
Quants by Hae Jun Jeon
Dad by Antonio Aguinaga
Iron Hands by Johnson Cheng

Block 19: Thursday Nov 9 at 6:30pm (75 minutes)
Dear Father by Richard Louissaint
The Fire Next Time… by Jonathan I Jackson
The Forgotten Ones by Mantai Chow
The Human Face by Aline Pimentel
The Tables by Jon Bunning
Terraza 7 by Carlos Freire

Block 20: Thursday Nov 9 at 8pm (75 minutes)
Quick Fix by Brian Leider
West Kill by Alexander Brera
Convention by Dan Nastro
The Magic Picnic by David Pagano
Voidgirl by Brendan Cook

Block 21: Thursday Nov 9 at 9:30pm (75 minutes)
A Figure Lone by Nana Dakin
Blind Faith by Taishon S Black
Quality Control by Joe Lobianco
Crescent by Elly Han
The Spilling by Linda Yellen
Ramona by Jason Graff

Closing Night Party Thursday Nov 9, 7pm – 2am
This year’s party will be at The Skinny in the Lower East Side.
If you’d like to attend the Closing Night Party, please see Noel or a
member of our festival team during the festival, and they’ll sell you
a party admission wristband for $5, which will also entitle you to
special drink prices at The Skinny.  Filmmakers and guests are welcome at
the party, as long as they have a wristband. Wristbands can also be
purchased at the door for $8.