New York Short Film Festival

New York's largest festival for short films

2018 Schedule

Here is the screening schedule for the 2018 NYSFF

Tickets are available from the Cinema Village website 
(Tickets are sold per 75 minute Block and collected at the cinema – please select the appropriate date and time on the left under the page banner when purchasing tickets)

Short Block 1, Friday Nov 2 at 6:30pm (buy here)
Every Other Weekend by Josh Victor Rothstein
The Runner by Grace Naughton
Steven by Mehmet Guney & Miriam Pinedo
Fun! by Dylan Simel
She’s Marrying Steve by Erika Kramer

Short Block 2, Friday Nov 2 at 8:00pm (buy here)
Doggy Style: “Welcome To Doggy Style” by Sathya Vijayendran
The Museum of Lost Things by Gregory Cioffi
Operation Proposal by Emily Harrold
Where There Is No Exit by Angelo Santos
Phantom Sugar by Grace Philips

Short Block 3, Friday Nov 2 at 9:30pm (buy here)
Ripples by Jared Chinigo
The Bump by Michael Izquierdo
The Brothers Molina by Jamie Canobbio
Winter Beach by Tracey Breese
Little Red by Laura Lechner & David Hanzal

Short Block 4, Saturday Nov 3 at 6:30pm (buy here)
Billy’s Restaurant by Ethan Christy
Pandemonium – Mermaid Parade by Patrick Lockley
The Gift by Huiyu Yang
We The Children by Jamal Joseph
Bobo Touch Helpline – Bushwick Tarzan by Bobo Touch
Don’t Forget by Jared Crowelle

Short Block 5, Saturday Nov 3 at 8:00pm (buy here)
Black Car by Mark Solomon
Sac de Merde by Greg Chwerchak
Runaway by Daniel Fries
La Nuit D’amour by Fritz Masten
Caught in the Act by Eric Espino
Un{H}armed by Tyrone L. Robinson

Short Block 6, Saturday Nov 3 at 9:30pm (buy here)
Burning Van by Alex Sammon & Casey Friedman
Anomaly by Michael Callas
Fire Escape by Joshua Michael Payne
All you Lonely people, all you Lovely beings by Arjuna Jayawardena
Pharaoh by Derrick Forkel & Mitchell Jao
OG Bobby Part 2 by Jayonez

Short Block 7, Sunday Nov 4 at 6:30pm (buy here)
Emunah by Sang Hyoun Han
Our Horizon by Jack Szynaka & Nikki Conero
Palookas by Prado Mukherji
Cafe of the Mobile Gods by Brian Rossi
9.8 m/s2 by Michael Vaynberg
Podcast Problems by Timothy Rooney
Flora by Ksenia Tolmazin

Short Block 8, Sunday Nov 4 at 8:00pm (buy here)
Asher Levine: the Biker Jacket by TJ Ferrari
Macbeth: A Fury by Justin Daering
The Realm by Phil Shea
Proud Of Me by Will Raver
Rocks by Vincent Gagliardi

Short Block 9, Sunday Nov 4 at 9:30pm (buy here)
Writer’s Block by Andy Whitlatch & Jamie Watkins
Nora Ephron Goes To Prison by Hannah Elless
Fighting for Racial Equality: A Conversation Between Generations by Blue Chalk
No Man’s Land by Karen Loew, Andrew Guidone
Lodged by Heath Hofmeister
Beekeeping by Frances de Larminat
Dr. Mantis by Brandon Mikolaski
The Joint by Boris Khaykin
Mariposas by Adrian Carey
Wonder Dog by Deanna Demaglie
The DACA Crisis and Asian Americans by Jia Guo

Special Event, Monday Nov 5 at 6:30pm
Vimeo Exhibition with Q&A

Short Block 10, Monday Nov 5 at 8:00pm (buy here)
Prerequisite by Geoffrey Guerrero
The Fringes by Lily Darragh Harty
Regina B by Frances Barth
Pieces by Oswald Williams
Catherine by Britt Raes

Short Block 11, Monday Nov 5 at 9:30pm (buy here)
Egg Day by Grasie Mercedes
40th by Neil Fennell
A Season To Come by Christopher A. Hoffman
Ani by Keren B. Nechmad
Fumero-Ism: The Grafstract by Keith Aronowitz

Short Block 12, Tuesday Nov 6 at 6:30pm (buy here)
The Apartmentalist by Scott Gabriel
VHS Hero by Andrew Porter
Exit Plan by Eric Terzo
In Through the Night by Josiah Cuneo
Seed by Geoffrey Stevens
this is your sign by Sarah Gallegos
Turyn Goes To The Club by Lauren Ireland

Short Block 13, Tuesday Nov 6 at 8:00pm (buy here)
The Wayward CUBE by Maria T Alvarado
How Do You Type a Broken Heart by Jeremiah Kipp
Fly by Briana Krzeminski
San Gennaro by David Ling
Drawing Pains by Zhenya Kiperman
JO by Justine Wolf Williams
Accidental Diplomats by Darryl Marshak & Antonia Tong

Short Block 14, Tuesday Nov 6 at 9:30pm (buy here)
Punchline by Cass O’Meara
Uniform by Ellie Foumbi, Michael Niederman
Only the Wind Is Listening by Emily Anderson
Sugar Land by Lorenzo Lanzillotti

Short Block 15, Wednesday Nov 7 at 6:30pm (buy here)
No Ifs, Ands, or Buts by Nancy Kaimowitz
Another Mother’s Son by Rene Calvo
Heartbreak Hotel by Aaron Lloyd Clarke
Great! Lakes by Tess Wagman
Silent Combustion by Hadasah Ingrid Cornell

Short Block 16, Wednesday Nov 7 at 8:00pm (buy here)
Civic Mind by Adonis Williams
Beach Movie by Sophia Bennett Holmes
Giants Quadrille by Nin Brudermann
Details by Sally Lomidze

Short Block 17, Wednesday Nov 7 at 9:30pm (buy here)
Misguided by Ben Botwick
Thread by Max Rosen
Trapped Inside by Usher Morgan
Under the Covers by Justin Knoepfel
Live Free or Pie Hard by Stephen Emerick
The Monkey’s Paw by Stephen Emerick
The Desecrated by John Gray

Short Block 18, Thursday Nov 8 at 6:30pm (buy here)
Funk Force – 2018 by Desmond Levi Jackson
High Intensity by Abigail Loos
Oysters by Corey Langelotti
Self Tape by Taryn Brooke
A Strange Bird by David Bemis
Get Lost With Me by Patrizia Iuliucci
Glass Box by Izzy Liberti
Good Service by Shuyi Li & Kai Shao

Short Block 19, Thursday Nov 8 at 8:00pm (buy here)
Veronica by Reiko Aylesworth
Mr. E, P. I. by George A. Velez
The Actor by Katie Kopajtic
Clams Casino by Pam Nasr

Short Block 20, Thursday Nov 8 at 9:30pm (buy here)
Blink by Benjamin Anderson
We Used to Catch Fish by Liam Murphy
Ebb Tide by Vivian Rivas
Inside Voices by Julia Grinberg
Papercop by Steve Figueiredo & Sean Patrick Kelly
I Still Love You by Jose E. Juarez
Le Briefcase by Leon Wu